Pathway at Midnight

This is a one of my favorite work. I had a lot of encountered a lot of issues with this photo. This photo was taken at midnight and the light at the park were creating a glare on my lens. Why didn’t I use a lens hood? well I don’t have one. I use very basic photography kit which doesn’t include any fancy lens or gear (Soon I’ll post my list of gear). Once I merged the images in photomatix, the final image had the white streak from the glare. I tried many tricks to remove the streak but they weren’t any help. Finally, my sister recommended that i use the burn tool in Photoshop and i was able to remove the white streak.  Then the photo went through the nikcolor efex filter go give it the light purplish tone. After that, one last thing was to bring out the crisp details of the sidewalk and the railing which was possible using Lucis filter.


One comment on “Pathway at Midnight”

  1. Very Cool Shot! I like how everything looks neon.

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